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The First Crusade (ALL PARTS)

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  • κ²Œμ‹œμΌ 2023. 09. 22.
  • The First Crusade was one of the most extraordinary, bloody and significant episodes in medieval history. It began with an appeal for aid from the Christian Byzantine Empire, threatened by the rising power of the Muslim Seljuk Turks. But when Pope Urban II preached a sermon at Clermont in 1095, the result was unlike anything ever seen before.
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    Campaign: The First Crusade 1096-99 geni.us/zLgHA6
    Essential Histories: The Crusades geni.us/mBzPCa
    The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries geni.us/GG4zi
    The Crusades by Jonathan Riley-Smith geni.us/kslNViV
    The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction by Chris Tyreman geni.us/BiJi
    The First Crusade: The Call From the East by Peter Frankopan geni.us/Bxzb
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    Image credits - via Flickr under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Sky - Anyul Rivas via Flickr under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Wooded Hills - Alexander Annenkov via Flickr under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Dramatic Fields - Antonio Caiazzo via Flickr under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Twin peaks of Mount Ararat - Adam Jones via Flickr under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Double-headed eagle - Zeynel Cebeci via Wikimedia under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0
    Negev Desert: Neil Ward via Wikimedia under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0
    Dhow: Xavier Romero-Frias via Wikimedia under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0
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  • Epic History TV
    Epic History TV  λ…„ μ „ +627

    Old school viewers of Epic History TV will know that we released our First Crusade series all the way back in 2017, but a compilation video seems to be the most popular way to watch a series these days, so here it is! I hope you enjoy our coverage of the extraordinary events of the first and most successful of Crusades - whether it's your first time, repeat viewing, or last time you only got as far as Antioch... Don't forget Patreon is the place to get ad-free early access to all our videos, as well as a say in what we do next.. www.patreon.com/EpicHistoryTV

  • Athanatoi
    Athanatoi λ…„ μ „ +1372

    It is so cool to see accurate models of cities like Antioch and Jerusalem complete with terrain. It gives such a better understanding of the battles!

    • Vala Hough
      Vala Hough λ…„ μ „ +7

      At the price of missing out on details and historical facts not mentioned here.

    • Kirk Hustle
      Kirk Hustle λ…„ μ „ +27

      @Vala Hough Can you be more specific and name just a few, or a couple? I don't doubt you, just want to know..

    • B hall
      B hall λ…„ μ „ +17

      @Vala Hough
      25 minutes cannot cover over 2 centuries of happenings

    • Antoine Suizdak
      Antoine Suizdak λ…„ μ „ +25

      @B hall But the subject of the Video is only the First Crusade, thus only 4 years, not 2 centuries

    • B hall
      B hall λ…„ μ „ +9

      @Antoine Suizdak
      25 minutes cannot cover over 4 years of crusadin'.

  • Aymane bouhout
    Aymane bouhout λ…„ μ „ +998

    β€œBarbaric but not unique for the age”
    I haven’t been moved emotionally by a documentary scenes like these . Truly it’s a masterpiece πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

    • Tommy O Donovan
      Tommy O Donovan λ…„ μ „ +7

      Sheep or Wolf
      I think of how lucky I am living in Victoria BC Canada current year, even with Covid ravishing the lands.

    • Matts reality check
      Matts reality check λ…„ μ „ +74

      @Tommy O Donovan covid ravishing the lands 🀣 ravaged by trudeau

  • Arbogast
    Arbogast λ…„ μ „ +736

    This is what the History channel looked like before Bigfoot and UFOs took over. Great content!

    • Keith Crispin
      Keith Crispin 8 κ°œμ›” μ „ +37

      And the boring continuous reruns day in and day out on the Nazis ,

    • Bradley Williamson
      Bradley Williamson 7 κ°œμ›” μ „ +26

      More like pawn stars and American pickers

    • Z
      Z 7 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

      Bigfoot and UFOs are cool too

  • Lider Up Loader
    Lider Up Loader λ…„ μ „ +100

    I enjoy this "All Parts" format a lot. Such high quality content. Congrats Epic History TV. πŸ˜ƒ

    • Erock Stoenescu
      Erock Stoenescu κ°œμ›” μ „

      All parts just means the whole series is shown together in one video instead of 3 or 4 different video clips which is how he always does it. He makes a certain amount or certain section and releases that and then he makes the next section and releases that and so forth and so on until he’s complete. Once he’s done with the last part he just edits the whole thing together and releases it as β€œAll Parts” πŸ˜…

  • Chitus
    Chitus 8 κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    Most of your series stood the test of time.This one is certainly one of them.
    The gritty music played in low notes really gives you that medieval feel of the dark ages

  • Steve Goncalves
    Steve Goncalves λ…„ μ „ +738

    These are great. A nice easy way to get an overview of historical events. The visuals are awesome and the entire presentation easy to digest. Great work!

    • Tommy O Donovan
      Tommy O Donovan λ…„ μ „ +4

      I really appreciate the visuals, the maps, battle formations.

    • KeyAKAaBag
      KeyAKAaBag λ…„ μ „

      Hopefully y’all appreciate that Palestine isn’t mentioned either

    • Dave Mathews
      Dave Mathews λ…„ μ „ +1

      @David Bent Why is a 20 minute video about the Crusades "communist?" In fact, no Western country that participated in the Crusades turned out to be a Communist nation (not evan France or Italy!)
      BTW you might know something about politics, the human condition & real history, but slathering your comments with emojis suggests you don't know much about presenting an effective written argument. It looks juvenile and suggests childish thinking.

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime λ…„ μ „ +348

    Epic History is pure gold. I never cared for the Napoleonic Wars era but you had me completely hooked. Would LOVE to see more ancient history from this channel, even a deep dive on Caesar would be amazing

      SCINTILLAM DEI λ…„ μ „ +2

      Only superficial Disneyesque "history" from mainstream channels, not the truth like how REDACTED.

    • Cran
      Cran λ…„ μ „

      @SCINTILLAM DEI Where do you get your history from?

    • Cran
      Cran λ…„ μ „

      @SCINTILLAM DEI Well the saying history is written by the victors certainly has validity. I agree mainstream history tends to paint home team as the good guy which destroys all nuance and complexity to any historical event. Im not a historian by any means but I feel like it’s been pretty easy for me to hear different accounts of history or see the different narratives pushed through the use of history.
      My question really was where do you get your history from? Like is their an app or author you recommend?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 κ°œμ›” μ „ +52

    "Barbaric, but not unique for the age".....powerful line and very true.

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno λ…„ μ „ +258

    A lot of older knights went on the Crusades, knowing that they wouldn't be coming back. As for the younger knights, it was the perfect opportunity for those looking for promotions, or looking to earn their knighthood by combat. Common fighters who had been trained for combat, but didn't have titles, went along expecting to come back as "Sir."

    • Mexico XV
      Mexico XV λ…„ μ „ +26

      was a very poetic time, the big dream was dead in glorious battle and lives for the centuries in the songs and the legends, go to recover the holly land is cleary the most important even of many many time,

    • Dutch Man
      Dutch Man λ…„ μ „ +26

      @MondoBeno Nope. Knighthood was given in Europe, and not a single foot soldier expected to upgrade to knight.
      It is a Victorian romantic view about these times, that doesn't fit reality by far.
      The fairy tales of lone knights fighting for a ladies honor are from the 19th century.
      To maintain yourself as a knight you had to have three trained horses, full armor, swords in good shape, ten to twenty foot soldiers to look after all your gear, enough food to feed yourself and your personnel, bows, arrows, and other gear for your soldiers etc etc. So they were not travelling from castle to castle as romantics want you to think, they had to own a big estate, with lots of farms, who each delivered a soldier in times of combat. And their tasks as knight were combined with other official tasks like policing, tax collection, local judge, and advisor of the duke, count or bishop they served.
      And it may surprise you: They had to be married! This caused problems with the knight orders that were founded, by joining them the knight left all his earthly possessions to the order and disinherited his wife and offspring. That is how those orders became extremely rich. The 'marriage' between knight and order had to be at least three years for his family to loose everything, so the order did all they could to keep him alive for those years, often the only reason for a knight to become a member in these harsh circumstances.

    • MondoBeno
      MondoBeno λ…„ μ „ +17

      @Dutch Man I disagree. A sergeant at arms could be knighted, and it happened. You had to be able to ride a horse, but non-titled could be knighted. And not all knights had to train/equip their own men. It depended on the deal that you made with whoever's vassal you were.

  • rafalIL29
    rafalIL29 λ…„ μ „ +24

    I felt obligated to at least subscribe to your channel because I’ve never seen production like your before. Your videos are absolutely captivating. Narrator, pictures and overall production is first class!❀️❀️❀️ Keep up the great work πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡±πŸ‘

  • DD
    DD λ…„ μ „ +126

    Man this is fantastic - I wish it was longer just bc I love the work you all do! Thank you for the upload!

  • shallowgoose
    shallowgoose λ…„ μ „ +102

    This is just great. You guys are doing something unique.... Please continue producing quality content! It is much appreciated :)

  • Nathan Harrison
    Nathan Harrison 9 κ°œμ›” μ „ +142

    Excellent documentary. If only school could’ve been that engaging and interesting. Excellent graphics and editing as well. Subscribed.

  • Vess
    Vess κ°œμ›” μ „ +7

    Very well done and the visuals of the terrain and cities with the map paths really ties it all together and truly makes it so immersive.

  • Trevor Conger
    Trevor Conger 4 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Just discovered this channel; this is fantastic! Well done! Can't wait to watch the other videos. I will spread the word amongst my fellow history buffs!

  • Finnyishere
    Finnyishere 11 κ°œμ›” μ „ +9

    This is one of the greatest history channels of KRclip. Would be really cool to see you do a series on WW2 or the American Revolutionary War. Keep up the good work!

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 3 κ°œμ›” μ „ +16

    You have to remember by the time the crusaders got to Jerusalem. They were already battle hardened basically all of them were skillful knights, letholdus was the first knight to scale the walls, its said he was a massive 7'4"(insane for the time) and just by the sight of him in full plate armor was enough to scare the defenders into retreating off the walls

    • Burningarrow
      Burningarrow 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      Are you actually that silly

    • Baba Yaga
      Baba Yaga κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

      @Burningarrow no, just something I read in the crusader chronicles, you could look it up lol.

    • Burningarrow
      Burningarrow κ°œμ›” μ „

      @Baba Yaga yeh they were too scared standing up on the wall because some 7'4 guy was standing down on the ground πŸ˜‚

    • Fegemar Silang
      Fegemar Silang κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

      ​@Baba Yagacould be an exaggeration but nevertheless a tall medieval knight is still scary

    • Tallborn Stev
      Tallborn Stev 25 일 μ „ +1

      Wasn't full plate armor more like 13-14th century?

  • Konstantinos Triambelas
    Konstantinos Triambelas 5 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Great stuff. You're blending in the drawings, video and audio in a way that enhances the overall experience. We watch the video in segments with my 7th graders every year (I'm a social studies teacher). I think your videos can have great educational value at the middle school level, when they are properly set up and scaffolded to the students (especially the vocabulary). Thank you for keeping us educated and entertained at the same time!

  • gabriel aleactus
    gabriel aleactus 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Your videos are so well made with the maps and your narratives that watching them once isn't enough.
    And the best thing is it's free
    I also hope that someday you'll make videos on third, fourth crusade, fall of Byzantine, mongols battles etc as well

  • Paton MacDonald
    Paton MacDonald λ…„ μ „ +27

    This held my attention and was very well told, excellent presentation. Thank you for it!

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers λ…„ μ „ +161

    I’d love to see a series on the Persian Empire ala Hardcore History’s Kings of Kings. I love your Alexander series btw. Excellent work.

    • Mint
      Mint λ…„ μ „ +7

      yes the safavid persian empire

    • That Indian Dude
      That Indian Dude λ…„ μ „

      @Mint safavid? Hell, even the sassanids are bot covered properly

    • Mint
      Mint λ…„ μ „ +15

      enver pasha azeris are iranians

    • amin a
      amin a λ…„ μ „ +1

      enver pasha turk arent blond only some of them bcs mix with slavs The Finns are Aryans and the Japanese and Koreans are not Turks, only their language is Altaic.
      (Mehmet my son meme)

  • CVB
    CVB 10 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    This is a wonderfully-made and clearly-explained history lesson. Thank you for the knowledge. GréÒt visuals as well! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Gv-CAN
    Gv-CAN 10 κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    What an incredible job you guys have done!! Love the music as well - especially from 10:15 πŸ˜‡

    • eastsidemuu
      eastsidemuu 9 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      Right. Yo that music make it a banger

  • πŸŒͺ"The Peace Maker"⚑️

    Once again so very well done. Thank you for the great work. πŸ‘ I could literally picture it and you did this video with accuracy and efficiency...

  • Marlena
    Marlena 6 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Great video! im a history major about to graduate college and currently learning about the first Crusade. It is so fascinating!

  • Bob Sloppy
    Bob Sloppy 6 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I was watching a different Crusade documentary and was lost. This one told me more info in easy-to-understand explanations in 90 seconds than the other one did in an hour. Well done.

  • Chief 9mm
    Chief 9mm λ…„ μ „ +16

    Brilliant. I would love to hear the rest of the history of these Crusaders who migrated to the Middle East and how they eventually migrated to the island next to them

  • Daniel Bielinski
    Daniel Bielinski 7 κ°œμ›” μ „ +7

    I can only imagine how those crusaders felt when they saw Jerusalem in front of them. Despite their atrocities, that must have been a sight to behold.

    • Felipe Cortez
      Felipe Cortez 7 일 μ „ +1

      All peoples committed atrocities back in those days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚stop being so silly

  • MrWonka191
    MrWonka191 λ…„ μ „ +27

    Would humbly make a suggestion... Please do a series on ancient Egypt's military campaigns! I recommend Thutmose III :D

  • Bill Slim
    Bill Slim λ…„ μ „ +27

    I feel like the music in epic history is half the reason why its so good. It gives me goosebumbs every time

  • Nate Brandon
    Nate Brandon λ…„ μ „ +22

    Love this channel. Love being taught all this history!

    • Rkkz
      Rkkz λ…„ μ „ +2

      This world is rapidly passing away and I hope that you repent and take time to change before all out disaster occurs. Belief in messiah alone is not enough to grant you salvation - Matthew 7:21-23, John 3:3, John 3:36 (ESV is the best translation for John 3:36) if you believed in Messiah you would be following His commands as best as you could. If you are not a follower of Messiah I would highly recommend becoming one. Call on the name of Jesus and pray for Him to intervene in your life - Revelation 3:20.
      Contemplate how the Roman Empire fulfilled the role of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13. Revelation 17 confirms that it is in fact Rome. From this we can conclude that A) Jesus is the Son of God and can predict the future or make it happen, B) The world leaders/nations/governments etc have been conspiring together for the last 3000+ years going back to Babylon and before, C) History as we know it is fake. You don't really need to speculate once you start a relationship with God.
      Can't get a response from God? Fasting can help increase your perception and prayer can help initiate events. God will ignore you if your prayer does not align with His purpose (James 4:3) or if you are approaching Him when "unclean" (Isaiah 1:15, Isaiah 59:2, Micah 3:4). Stop eating food sacrificed to idols (McDonald's, Wendy's etc) stop glorifying yourself on social media or making other images of yourself (Second Commandment), stop gossiping about other people, stop watching obscene content etc

  • rulsey23
    rulsey23 λ…„ μ „ +7

    Love it how channels like this still have faith in humanity. There is a thirst for knowledge out there. Big up the history casuals like me. Keep up the good work.

    • Melissa Richter
      Melissa Richter λ…„ μ „

      Then you should read and study the invasion of Europe by the 4 Islamic caliphate. The crusade was to fight against the invasion. Not to spread Christianity.

    • rulsey23
      rulsey23 λ…„ μ „

      @Melissa Richter not sure if ur angry or if this is just an FYI.

  • Ararat Zargaryan
    Ararat Zargaryan 9 κ°œμ›” μ „ +12

    This is the best visual presentation of the historical events. Thank you!

  • Evon_
    Evon_ λ…„ μ „ +5

    The Roman Germanic wars have become really interesting to me lately, any chances of a series on this period?

  • Rider of the Mark
    Rider of the Mark λ…„ μ „ +7

    Great video, i love medieval history and this is the best history channel i've ever seen.

  • EE P
    EE P λ…„ μ „ +14

    Awesome. Brings back memories of history classes when I was as kid in Poland.
    Not very popular subject anymore but I think it’s important to know how world progressed.

    • Robert Maguire
      Robert Maguire λ…„ μ „ +1

      Just visited Poland for my 1st time this past month.
      Loved it...miss it..cherish it

    • Don Roux
      Don Roux 3 κ°œμ›” μ „

      You are right in France too we don’t spread enough the fact that the western world is a christian world.. french people are christians by traditions now .. but church is dying …

  • FreeFalling Air
    FreeFalling Air λ…„ μ „ +6

    I absolutely love this channel, great video as always guys!! Keep up the good workπŸ‘.

  • Adam Wee
    Adam Wee 6 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    This is a fairly good documentary of the First Crusade. There is so much left out though, because the video length constraint. Things that I wish would have had more attention were the Byzantines role in the Crusades, including the reconquest of Anatolia and more emphasis on how rough Antioch was including the battle of lake Antioch.

    CHRISTOPHER VS. THE WORLD! λ…„ μ „ +10

    It really does feel like Christmas when EHTV uploads something great!

    • jorge masvidal
      jorge masvidal 9 κ°œμ›” μ „

      whats great about humans dark history?

  • Rodrigo Diaz Lefiu
    Rodrigo Diaz Lefiu 6 κ°œμ›” μ „

    This gotta be the most well writen, displayed, animations, sound and narration I have ever seen about the Crusades. awesome !

  • Marrow
    Marrow λ…„ μ „ +7

    What's interesting about the crusader times is two-fold:
    1) The Christian Crusaders were made up of factions and the various Arab and Turkic powers were made up of various factions. And they all fought each other and allied with different partners at different times, sometimes a Christian group and a Muslim group against some other Christian or Muslim group. It was not merely "Christians vs Muslims". Everyone was vying for political power (like usual, of course!). And then the Mongols finally arrived which threw an overwhelming monkey wrench into the mix.
    2) As Tamim Ansary explains in his book, the Muslim world considered the Christian Crusader foray into the Holy Land as a relatively short lived blip on the great time line of history, and their main threats were other Muslim empires (remember there were Fatimids, Ayyubids, Abbasids, Seljuk Turks, other Turks, Mamluks in Egypt after the Fatimids and Ayyubids, and the most threatening bulldozer of empires of all.....the Mongols.

    • animation world
      animation world λ…„ μ „

      who u think the best fighters of all time the world has seen?

  • Benas Matulenas
    Benas Matulenas 3 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    You should cover northern crusades too, because they are part of the same events. Also an epic struggle between last pagans and Christianity. Prussian uprising after learning military tactic of teutons and using against them , birth of lithuanian state, Lithuanians conastatly getting baptised and then changing their minds and etc

  • marc
    marc 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Wow !!! Imagine having a history teacher like the creator . I would live in the classroom.

  • Matthew Exline
    Matthew Exline 10 κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    I watch many videos of this nature. One thing that I think would improve ALL OF THEM would be the inclusion of the 4-digit year, at ALL TIMES, in one corner of the screen, so that the viewer can remind himself which year this is taking place in again. For as many videos of this nature as I watch, I'm still amazingly bad at placing the decade or even the century of many major events of which I've watched numerous multi-hour-long videos on. In short, keeping a year posted in a corner at all times, would, in my strong opinion, drastically boost the educational effectiveness of these videos.

  • Eric KameKona Peper
    Eric KameKona Peper λ…„ μ „

    Upstanding presentation here. Good job keeping what my High school HistoryTeacher couldn’t do! Keep me awake for the entire time! ❀️ God Bless!πŸ––πŸΌ

  • DAnuchan
    DAnuchan 11 κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    This is the clearest presentation of the Crusades I've ever seen. Subscribed!

  • Wander Almeida
    Wander Almeida λ…„ μ „ +11

    Excellent! I loved the narrative, the content, the images. Superb job. Thank you very much. Muito obrigado do Brasil.

  • Hank Schrader
    Hank Schrader κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    The first place my mind always goes to is imagining how tough and masculine the members of the first crusade must have been. Particularly the 12,000 that made it to Jerusalem. Nowadays we regard the men who fought in WW2 as extremely tough. Can you imagine one of the First Crusaders? The life of a Medieval peasant was already brutal and full of PTSD. On top of that, these guys hacked and sliced their way across continents into a completely alien world, having to cannibalize children along the way in order to not die.

  • Hawkmeister
    Hawkmeister 8 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Much thanks. Well done as always. I didn’t see a second crusade history video pop up. Is there one? Is there a third, fourth, etc? I know historians tend to buy that there were 7-9 of them.

  • 530dynasty1
    530dynasty1 λ…„ μ „ +1

    The music, narration and video presentation are flawless. My only gripe, is I wish it was way longer.

  • Duke
    Duke λ…„ μ „ +53

    This might be my favorite "historical war maps" channel. Good production and voice over with the Queen's English.

    • BoraCM
      BoraCM λ…„ μ „ +4

      Actually, his accent is far more rhotic than the Standard British Accent. Initially, it made his narration seem more epic, but it's become quite irritable for me, and that sort of feel doesn't go well with this period of history, either.
      After watching the video, I am disappointed that many important details are left out, leaving the story not flowing well. For better tellings of medieval history, channels like Kings and Generals and Flash Point History are definitely better. Extra History's series on the First Crusade, while not showing the battles, and only having still images, has a lot of interesting information about the characters and people, that is not mentioned in other tellings of it, from other channels. Kings and Generals and Flash Point History show more maps with battles, with less of a focus on the personal side.
      This video only provides a brief overview of the First Crusade, probably intended for people who don't already know much about medieval history. For people who already do, Epic History is doing a disservice, and this video probably isn't worth watching.
      The non-medieval videos are good, though.

    • Farhat K
      Farhat K 9 κ°œμ›” μ „

      @BoraCM Not to mention showing his bias with the β€œBarbaric but not unique for the age” comment .

    • Zippy Parakeet
      Zippy Parakeet 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      ​@Farhat Kyeah the massacre at Jerusalem was exceptionally barbaric even for the age. Even many Knights were disgusted and left. They even killed many Christians.

  • Steve B
    Steve B 7 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I love your channel, your content is mesmerizing and beautiful. please make more crusades, Roman, Greek.

  • andromeda331
    andromeda331 λ…„ μ „ +8

    Such a well done series.

  • Xavier P
    Xavier P 3 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Thanks for uploading this. The narration, music, illustration.
    They all take you far into the past.
    Quite interesting

  • Ariam Marinho
    Ariam Marinho λ…„ μ „ +3

    Γ“timo canal, parabΓ©ns!

  • DraBattle - Lα»‹ch sα»­ HoαΊ‘t HΓ¬nh

    Great video as always! I'd be really interested in countries history

  • Doggychops
    Doggychops λ…„ μ „ +53

    Pure excellence. You upload, I immediately click. Well done guys.

  • Soltan Soltan
    Soltan Soltan 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    ❀I am following this production.. It is really one of the most wonderful works. I hope it includes all historical periods.

  • EUdesigns
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    I absolutely love this part of history.

  • PA
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    Excellent summary of the first crusade! Thank you

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      Can't get a response from God? Fasting can help increase your perception and prayer can help initiate events. God will ignore you if your prayer does not align with His purpose (James 4:3) or if you are approaching Him when "unclean" (Isaiah 1:15, Isaiah 59:2, Micah 3:4). Stop eating food sacrificed to idols (McDonald's, Wendy's etc) stop glorifying yourself on social media or making other images of yourself (Second Commandment), stop gossiping about other people, stop watching obscene content etc

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