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World War One (ALL PARTS) (age-restricted)

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  • 게시일 2021. 06. 30.

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  • Epic History TV
    Epic History TV  2 년 전 +4740

    This is our WW1 compilation video, originally released in 2016. Unfortunately, the original was demonetized and made 18+ by KRclip, presumably because of the very few (and carefully chosen) photographs of war dead (no actual reason was given). This was frustrating not only for the obvious financial reasons, but because the video was intended as an educational resource. The video has now been re-edited to remove some of the more explicit photographs. Hopefully KRclip will allow this version to remain available to those of all ages seeking to learn more about this important episode of history. For those wishing to support the channel you can find out more at www.patreon.com/EpicHistoryTV

    • Jamaphy
      Jamaphy 2 년 전 +33


    • Kordell Swoffer
      Kordell Swoffer 2 년 전 +167

      Ww2 next.

    • sam reynolds
      sam reynolds 2 년 전 +190

      Understandable. Still a great video.

    • Mr.Shisko A
      Mr.Shisko A 2 년 전 +199

      @sam reynolds unacceptable *

    • Frederick II Prussia
      Frederick II Prussia 2 년 전 +220

      They shouldn't have made it 18+ in the first place, there was nothing wrong or gratuitous about teaching history, fantastic job on your guy's part

  • Zombie Overlord
    Zombie Overlord 년 전 +518

    (03:16) August 1914: Opening Moves
    (05:13) 1914: The War at Sea
    (06:23) 1914: The Eastern Front
    (08:09) The World at War
    (10:18) 1914: Winter
    (11:45) 1915
    (13:01) Total War
    (15:24) Trench Deadlock
    (17:40) German advances in the East
    (19:35) Italy enters the war
    (21:23) The Great Autumn Offensive
    (24:21) 1916
    (25:10) The War of Attrition
    (27:47) Verdun: The Mill of the Meuse
    (29:59) The Arab Revolt
    (31:44) The Big Push / The Battle of the Somme
    (34:03) Romania joins the war / The Battle of Verdun
    (37:59) 1917
    (40:02) Russian Revolution
    (42:23) The Nivelle Offensive / Third Battle of Ypres (Paschendaele)
    (46:47) 1917 Middle East
    (48:28) Caporetto
    (51:20) 1918
    (52:20) Kaiserschlacht
    (54:29) The Dawn of Air Power
    (57:22) Collapse
    (1:01:41) Conclusion
    Put this here for myself since KRclip Buried the other comments with timestamps

    • Memorymeme
      Memorymeme 11 개월 전 +10


    • ninobrownish
      ninobrownish 11 개월 전

      I don't understand why they compelled Epic History to do an edit.
      Do you know why? What content was too graphic or controversial?

    • Zombie Overlord
      Zombie Overlord 11 개월 전

      @ninobrownish They usually do it to get remonitized. KRclip demonitizes it because 1 or 2 100 year old picture in the video have some injury or "gore" in it. KRclip be fickle like that

    • Nizam Saifi
      Nizam Saifi 10 개월 전

      Well done, boy!

    • Zombie Overlord
      Zombie Overlord 10 개월 전 +1

      dimensional X First I don't know why you're commenting this on my comment. Second Ottoman Empire brings in the middle East and Germany had many colonies in Africa and Asia that were involved in the conflict. Plus most of the world was neutral until the end of the war when it was clear the entente were going to win

  • stoic
    stoic 년 전 +814

    The amount of people dying in each battle was mind blowing... imagine being that last soldier who died in ww1 when 5 mins later the war ended

    • vincent mwahu
      vincent mwahu 년 전 +47

      But casualties doesn't mean people killed only but also those injured n captured or unable to continue to wage war

    • stoic
      stoic 년 전 +73

      @vincent mwahu even then the death toll was still massive

    • S C
      S C 년 전 +36

      @stoic WW2 made this one look like a boy scout camp.9 million German and
      22 million Soviet fatalities in That one.

    • stoic
      stoic 년 전 +53

      @S C in my opinion other than what they did to the jews ww1 looks worse... I mean no general knew what they where doing in this new type of warfare it was an actual meat grinder of trying to cross the trench and getting killed by machine guns. Ww2 was in a way a bit more honorable than being eaten alive in trenches by rats or your toes falling off . Just my opinion if I had a choice to live trough one I would chose ww2 a thousand times

  • wooooo72
    wooooo72 10 개월 전 +109

    Not only is this the best WW1 Documentary I've ever seen but this is the best Documentary period... (In my opinion of course) Showing this mainly on the map is PERFECT... I wish you guys would do a WW2 Doc the exact same way, SO EDUCATIONAL. You all deserve some kind of an award for this piece...

    • Aerys Targaryen II
      Aerys Targaryen II 개월 전

      Hope you know the voice is A.I

    • sheldonspider86
      sheldonspider86 개월 전

      @Aerys Targaryen II Is it really tho?

    • Aerys Targaryen II
      Aerys Targaryen II 개월 전 +2

      @sheldonspider86 yup. You watch enough history channels you're notice.

    • Andrei McAllister
      Andrei McAllister 28 일 전

      @Aerys Targaryen IIit doesn’t matter though

    • Aerys Targaryen II
      Aerys Targaryen II 27 일 전

      @Andrei McAllister yes it does. It easily replaces people who know how to properly speak, and there ain't that many people who are like that

  • Goose801
    Goose801 년 전 +121

    Better than most multi million dollar production companies and networks. Fantastic educational content. Thank you for all the hard work!

    • rightpath
      rightpath 3 개월 전 +1

      I worry that the allies humiliated Germany too much at the end of ww1, taking such large portions of land on all sides (not to mention what did Africa do to deserve being served up like a piece of pie) corners of their land they took national pride in, it just sowed too much hate and resentment over the following decade and a half among its citizens. It's not excuse for what they did during ww2 but I think there's a lesson to be learned. If you are going to allow a power to continue to exist, it might not be a good idea to beat them down and leave them with such shame they cannot let it go. They had way too much incentive to not let it end that way. It's sad because maybe of all the needless slaughter on all sides especially what would start at the end of the 30's.

    • mhd Saadkhan
      mhd Saadkhan 22 일 전

      @rightpath Yes you are completely right. If they had actually done that than the lives of upto 100 million people would have been saved.

  • J
    J 년 전 +400

    Great content. Much appreciated.

    • Life Long learner
      Life Long learner 9 개월 전 +40

      nice of you did that!

    • zertyu
      zertyu 7 개월 전 +31

      cheers mate for keeping history content alive and funded

    • SneezeLoweze
      SneezeLoweze 7 개월 전 +20

      What a man, what a guy!

    • Sally.J
      Sally.J 6 개월 전 +10

      For the war efforts :)

    • eirdonne
      eirdonne 5 개월 전 +7

      @LUCA bro donated 0 💀💀

  • nitrorabbit
    nitrorabbit 년 전 +3406

    The most amazing thing is that basically you're looking at a map the whole entire time, but the animations, music, sound effects and pictures make it feel like you're watching a movie. And the narration is my favorite type (accent, voice, tone, pace).
    Thank you for these great videos!

    • Monkey Singh
      Monkey Singh 년 전 +16

      I don't know why they sent their own soldiers, mostly civilians who enlisted in the last hour. They should have caught people from their colonies like Africa, India and all, maybe 500 million of them and sent them to fight their enemies with bare hands.

    • Chuck Catipay
      Chuck Catipay 년 전 +19

      give the narrator a cookie. he rocks!

    • Prod. ItWasDrippy
      Prod. ItWasDrippy 년 전 +50

      @Monkey Singh find some happiness in your life

    • I have fallen and i can't reach my keg
      I have fallen and i can't reach my keg 년 전 +4

      He sounds as though he attended the "Jack Palance (RIP) School of Narration." And i mean that, in the best way, possible, believe it.......or not.

    • Jack Mountain
      Jack Mountain 년 전 +2

      Too bad its all an Bull S, caved to an corporation sponsored event.

  • Austrian_Artist
    Austrian_Artist 년 전 +215

    The fact that enemies were really playing a game with each other in Christmas despite them being in a war against each other really shows that soldiers dont want to fight unnecessarily and die, they just have to cuz of their superiors

    • Zombie Overlord
      Zombie Overlord 년 전 +19

      From the stories I've been told, if the soldiers were on patrol and they ran into an enemy soldier they wouldn't shoot unless the enemy shot at them. But that isn't the case for every solder.

    • Son of Kronos
      Son of Kronos 11 개월 전 +16

      Class solidarity have the power to destroy all barries

    • Jon Evans
      Jon Evans 9 개월 전 +5

      @Son of Kronos and yet the average human being can’t see beyond irrelevant differences like race… you at least seem to have something between your ears, salute to you Vini

    • Nick Trueman
      Nick Trueman 7 개월 전 +2

      Agreed, as someone else mentioned patrols would sometimes break away from eachother.
      I know of one instance were a well was shared by German and French troops.
      But there are always over zealous people who believe in the cause.
      This war is horrific. This is the destruction of generations of men.

  • DockboyDoesThings
    DockboyDoesThings 년 전 +137

    General Lettow-Vorbeck is so overlooked and its really sad because he fought off the Entente troops for almost 4 years and won most of his engagements. And also the fact that he surrenders a full 3 days after the armistice is just so cool to me. People really should give him more credit during ww1

    • Just so I can Fing comment
      Just so I can Fing comment 년 전 +30

      Anyone who can carry out combat operations unsupported for an extended period of time against such numbers and resources is someone that should be studied closely.

    • DockboyDoesThings
      DockboyDoesThings 년 전 +4

      @Just so I can Fing comment agreed

    • Ultra Violet
      Ultra Violet 11 개월 전 +9

      In Germany he is especially known for his genocide committed in the colonies.

    • DockboyDoesThings
      DockboyDoesThings 11 개월 전 +12

      @Ultra Violet it's true that he committed atrocities but he also had some mad respect for the soldiers he fought with and he had refused to listen to Hitler which got him sent to a concentration camp. The balls on that man.

    • Ultra Violet
      Ultra Violet 11 개월 전 +9

      @DockboyDoesThings absolutely. But I guess that's why he is "forgotten" often times. It's easier not to talk about someone then to have light and shadow I guess.

  • groovejet77
    groovejet77 년 전 +69

    This was the most amazing history lesson I've seen. Sad that KRclip would do this. Also it's awful to imagine so many young men's lives lost. The incredible sacrifices. I wish we could have built a land fit for heroes.

  • Glasgow187
    Glasgow187 년 전 +74

    Been listening about military history all day. Crazy to me that the first 5 months of WWI had more dead than Alexander the Great's entire campaign

    • Chris Kalogrias
      Chris Kalogrias 년 전 +12

      Man Alexander's army fielded almost 50.000 men at its peak. With spears mostly. What do you even compare? :D

    • Hashir
      Hashir 년 전 +4

      I mean the entire population at alexander's time was around 200 million. During ww1 it was more than a little less than 2 billion.

    • SpectorEuro4
      SpectorEuro4 5 개월 전

      @Chris Kalogrias I think you could make the case of not comparing percentages based on world population in between each era, and seeing the casualties individualized. Alexander’s campaigns lasted 10 years or so? In 5 months, more husbands, brothers, sons and friends were lost than 10 years worth of killings. Regardless of the number it represents.

    • Jonathan Long
      Jonathan Long 4 개월 전

      @Chris Kalogrias I mean its still crazy to think about the fatal count of Vietnam was roughly 58k and that was the casualty count of a couple hours for a single battle in ww1 so i mean the comparison stands.

  • EoCx
    EoCx 년 전 +21

    This is the evolution of old History Channel content we all enjoyed. Incredible, with this level of production value, this is just freely available on youtube.

  • Eric
    Eric 년 전 +763

    This is the best way to really understand any wars in our history, showing what actually happened in a sequence one can visually see. Reading it in a textbook is nothing compared to this. Thank you

    • Colin Mcclymont
      Colin Mcclymont 년 전 +5

      . Usa won both wars

    • Johny D.
      Johny D. 년 전 +44

      @Colin Mcclymont USA executed 2 wars. Just because they join the war in very end of it doesn't make USA the victors(after years of war, USA send fresh troops and suplies to the winning side, and puff USA wins...). Oh and BTW berlin was taken by USSR. So nazism was defeated by Russia. USA defeated Japan. USA didn't win WW I nor WWII.
      It's like mike tyson going against holyfield after the latter was fighting for 20 rounds. Would you call tyson a victor?! lmao

    • Ira Fair
      Ira Fair 년 전 +21

      @Colin Mcclymont You have no idea of what you are talking about.

    • Captain Ron
      Captain Ron 년 전 +4

      @Colin Mcclymont 8 out of every 10 German soldiers in ww2 were killed by the Russians.....fact. It's weird though, Germany and Russia split up Poland in the beginning of the war. Russia was not on the allies side at the beginning.

    • Kenneth Flaming
      Kenneth Flaming 년 전

      @Captain Ron it is weird, but it was inevitable eventually russia would have invaded germany once build up more meanwhile germany suffering casualties against the allies

  • Eric Henry
    Eric Henry 년 전 +341

    I learned more about WW1 in this hour than I had in my 47 years of life. This was amazing. Please tell me you guys plan on a full year by year just like this of WW2 and maybe Vietnam? Thanks so much for the knowledge.

    • Olivier B
      Olivier B 년 전 +10

      be carefull, it's not completly accurate and with an anglo saxon bias (and i have a french bias)

    • Matt_The_Croat
      Matt_The_Croat 년 전 +5

      @Olivier B well yeah it’s pretty obvious in a English bias but also a French bias too

    • 17Scumdog
      17Scumdog 년 전 +4

      If you're interested in possibly the best war history documentary series ever made, in my opinion, check out "battlefield" there are I think 5 seasons on world war 2 and a separate series in one season called battlefield: Vietnam (not to be confused with the video game)
      They are absolutely fantastic, they go over the politics, disposition of belligerents, the generals, equipment, formations, everything, they're a bit dry with not much dramatic flair but I personally prefer that style, just straight up history without all the fluff.

    • Jake Sully
      Jake Sully 년 전 +4

      Dan Carlins ww1 is EPIC

  • adam
    adam 년 전 +41

    Fun fact: There is a city in Canada, Ontario that was called "New Berlin" but during the first world war, it was seen as odd to have that as a name.. and upon hearing of the death of Lord Kitchener, took up the name Kitchener as a sign of British patriotism and anti-German sentiment.

    • RngCheese
      RngCheese 년 전 +1

      Love looking at the name list for kitchener, the submitted new names weren't exactly inventive

    • nolanone
      nolanone 년 전 +3

      The British Royal Family also switched their name of their house from “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" to “Windsor” for exactly the same reason.

    • nolanone
      nolanone 년 전

      @RngCheese We literally just looked at a map of the UK and copied every name lol

    • Canadian MMA Guy
      Canadian MMA Guy 년 전 +2

      @nolanone soon we will have new beijing, hongcouver, comgary, sumtingwong, and a bunch of diverse city names.

    • Colin Mcclymont
      Colin Mcclymont 년 전

      Done the same with german shepherd's, were called alsastion s from Alsace just inside france

  • AwakenTheWoke
    AwakenTheWoke 개월 전 +4

    The numbers of casualties in one battle is mind boggling. One batter was almost the total number of killed in the entire American Cival War. Absolutely insane.

  • Danny Chu
    Danny Chu 년 전 +76

    I am shocked that I spent an hour mainly looking at a world map and was enthralled by what it was just saying while moving flags and ship images back and forth. Background music was pretty much the same throughout and was captivating.

  • Spektacles
    Spektacles 년 전 +58

    As a Canadian I was pleased to see the Canadian attack on Vimy Ridge was mentioned, Canada fought in the war not by choice like the United States, but because it was a dominion of Britain at the time, and that successful attack along with the many contributions that Canadian soldiers made fighting alongside British soldiers is important to our history as it came to lead to Canada's independence allowing Canadian officials their own seat at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles

    • JAquino
      JAquino 년 전 +1

      Didn’t know Canada had an army.

    • Spektacles
      Spektacles 년 전 +3

      @JAquino Yeah the Canadian Corps were pulled together by the British Army to work as part of their forces, it was British first army commander General Henry Horne who planned the Vimy Ridge attack, and his planning combined with barrages from allied troops and the determination of the Canadian Corps led to the majority of the ridge being captured in a single day on April 9th, by the 12th the whole of the ridge and it's villages were under Canadian control, and to this day the ridge park is marked as Canadian land in spite of it being in France

    • Gundar Varr
      Gundar Varr 년 전 +2

      and still If the queen told Canadian to go towar , u all canadian still go to war. Its in ur own constitution

    • Spektacles
      Spektacles 년 전 +2

      @Gundar Varr That's incorrect, while Canada does still have ties to Britain in that a vote of no confidence could lead to a British government member temporarily taking over before a new Prime Minister would take on leadership, the queen cannot force Canada to go into war, in 1939 when Britain went to war during World War II the Canadian government felt it was a good decision to aid Britain knowing the long history between the two nations as allies and trade partners and the majority of the people supported this at the time because for many it was where many Canadians had migrated from
      If Britain went to war now with Russia to help Ukraine it would ultimately be a decision by Trudeau whether Canada goes to war or not and as for the people I feel it would be more split, Canada's population is much more varied with immigrants from many different nations with different views of the world

  • Patrick Dorval
    Patrick Dorval 2 년 전 +3390

    We lost History Channel to stupid pawn and lumber shows, but we have you. I'm speechless, this is truly an internet treasure.

    • Shep
      Shep 2 년 전 +154

      Yes Indeed.... whats ironic.. I came here as a misclick... Best misclick I ever made... HAHA

    • zvczvcvzxcv
      zvczvcvzxcv 2 년 전 +36

      @Kas Adam I have read a lot about WWI and what I am seeing is spot on despite the complexity. Care to elaborate on your concern?

    • Vicente Asaro
      Vicente Asaro 2 년 전 +50

      @Kas Adam "he's wrong! Believe me!"
      "Look it up yourself or you're a sheep!"

    • Vicente Asaro
      Vicente Asaro 2 년 전 +26

      @Kas Adam it only concerns you yet here you are making a fuss about it.

    • zvczvcvzxcv
      zvczvcvzxcv 2 년 전 +7

      @Kas Adam It was barely even discussed in the video. No need to call me a sheep because I am unclear of your position. Me looking it up does not clarify how you see it as misrepresented.

  • MeyaRose
    MeyaRose 년 전 +36

    I'm sure that this leaves a lot out, but I know that in June 1919, the remnants of the German Navy were taken to the north of Scotland to salvage the steel from the ships. There were barely enough German naval soldiers to run the ships under Allied control, but rather than see their ships scrapped for their enemy's gain, the German naval soldiers mutinied and scuttled the last bits of the German fleet and died several months after the Versailles Treaty. Many consider THEM to be the last casualties of the First World War.

  • Bobby D.
    Bobby D. 9 개월 전 +46

    This was intense just watching. Even with all the pictures, I doubt the overall devastation in WW1 can ever be put into a sense. With all that's currently going on in the world right now. I hope world leaders would keep history in heart and mind. Blessings and positivity on Earth. ✌️🙏

  • Captain Nathan
    Captain Nathan 년 전 +35

    I’ve always been a great lover of history, and while I had a basic understanding of WW1, watching this made me realize that understanding was seriously deficient! This was so well done. As others have said, you were just looking at maps (which fascinates me anyway) but it feels like you’re watching a movie! Strange but fabulous.
    I truly applaud the people making this very, very important vids. These important facts are no longer taught in our schools, including universities, and it is a travesty. When people on Twitter & other social media attack current political situations, I have to laugh. They write with such “authority” while knowing absolutely nothing and telling you that you’re ignorant! If it wasn’t so sad it would be very funny.
    Anyhow, thank. you again. I hit subscribe and notifications bell and look forward to more of these kinds of wonderful presentations. THANK. YOU!

    • Christopher B
      Christopher B 년 전 +4

      So true, I was never taught about WW1 at school. It should be mandatory learning for everybody.

    • Captain Nathan
      Captain Nathan 년 전 +2

      @Karl Gharst Thanks! Great information.

      SMOKEY FALCON 10 개월 전

      I wasn’t even taught about any war at school.

    • Captain Nathan
      Captain Nathan 10 개월 전

      @SMOKEY FALCON That is criminal as far as I’m concerned. I was lucky to go to school while education from kindergarten right through high school completion was filled with history lessons from ancient history through Greek & Roman empires to the great European wars, to the founding of America, Russian Revolution and up through Viet Nam wars. We were taught geography, how to read maps, how to figure compound interest, how to write a check, the great philosophers & writers, geez, I’m exhausted just reading my own words😂.
      Bottom line, we got “educated” and came out of high school knowing more than college graduates with graduate degrees do today. Not bragging, just really sad at what has been done to our education system overall. They do such a disservice to the kids who are embarrassingly uninformed about so much.
      And, not to get political….but I will…by saying it all began the downward slide in USA when in 1962 JFK allowed collective bargaining in government/schools. Public employee unions are, literally, “bargaining” with themselves! Think about that; they’re the boss and employee. So a win-win for government employees and departments and tax payers and academic standards be damned.
      This is why I love these kinds of programs on KRclip. They’re a great service and I hope KRclip appreciates that supporting historical programs and other well done presentations like these serves only good. As for gruesome war photos, that’s what wars result in and the more people see them the more they’ll learn NOT to start them.
      Sorry to ramble Smokey Falcon, but that was a salient comment. Keep watching and God Bless!

  • George Earst
    George Earst 년 전 +31

    Great job guys. I served in Europe and many other places around the world. Unless you were there, you cannot even begin to grasp the details of this material. Reading about it, and studying to make a grade cannot prepare you for war or training to fight a war. I'm grateful for this material.

    • DADGBE
      DADGBE 11 개월 전 +2

      we're not studying history to be "prepared for war" lol

    • Big Gatesy
      Big Gatesy 6 개월 전 +2

      We can all agree... War is not the answer. Democracy is how we move forward. Sadly one person can change that

    • CombatChronicles
      CombatChronicles 2 개월 전

      The biggest cannon of the MLE 400mm played a huge part of this battle ---> find the story here:krclip.com/video/leqoJy5WujU/비디오.html

  • You're not my supervisor

    Some slightly deeper explanations:
    1. Italy never really wanted to be allied with Austria-Hungary. Although Italy and Germany had been co-belligerents in prior wars during their unifications, Austria-Hungary had been the main opponent of Italian unification, and still controlled territory near Venice that Italy believed properly belonged to them. But in the 1880s, Italy and France were trying to colonize the same parts of Africa, and Italy was concerned that they might wind up at war with France- a war they couldn't win. So they reluctantly joined the Triple Alliance. By 1900, the danger of war with France had passed and it became quite clear that Italy wanted out of the alliance. To wit, Austria-Hungary actually drew up plans to invade Italy and seriously considered doing it in 1911. They didn't, however, and when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Italy finally had their escape hatch and pulled out of the Alliance.
    2. The Schlieffen Plan actually called for a tiny token force to guard eastern Germany while the majority of the German Army invaded France via Belgium and the Netherlands. But the German chief of staff at the war's start didn't believe the plan could actually work so he changed it, notably that he left more forces in the east to face Russia (despite how badly Russia had fared in their recent war with Japan), and did not invade the Netherlands. So as it played out, Germany bogged down in Belgium, and was stopped at the Marne as shown in the video. Would Schlieffen's plan have worked better? There's no way to know, but Nazi Germany did do a version of it in 1940 and it was wildly successful. Although it also involved driving a lot of tanks through the Ardennes and tanks weren't invented yet when Schlieffen came up with his plan.
    3. The collapse of Austria-Hungary was actually already starting as the Battle of Vittorio Veneto was being fought. It was pretty clear that the empire wasn't going to win the war, so Hungary's parliament voted to declare independence on October 17. Within days of the battle's end, what would soon become Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia also declared independence (on October 28th and 29th, respectively). When Austria-Hungary signed the armistice at Villa Giusti on November 3rd, the empire was already shattered. On November 11th, the Emperor issued a declaration that (deep paraphrasing) he was going to allow Austria to become a constitutional monarchy, but the writing was on the wall and everyone just took it as an abdication (even though he had deliberately avoided abdicating). Austria immediately became a republic and banned the Habsburgs. The Emperor also happened to be the King of Hungary, so when Hungary later became a monarchy again (it's complicated), he tried to take his throne back but nobody accepted it and Hungary became a kingdom without a king- an old Austro-Hungarian Navy admiral became the "regent" and ruled Hungary until he was overthrown by the Nazis near the end of World War II. Anyway... this is why Austria and Hungary signed separate peace treaties after the war- they were already separate countries by that point.

    • Christopher B
      Christopher B 년 전

      Really interesting - thanks for this 👍

    • Dan
      Dan 년 전

      Too long didn't read also didn't ask

    • V A
      V A 년 전

      What happened to the Hasburgs??? They are a very powerful family.

    • Dan
      Dan 9 개월 전

      Alan Pratama didn't read sorry

    • Dan
      Dan 9 개월 전

      Alan Pratama didn't read sorry

  • Christopher 66
    Christopher 66 년 전 +673

    I've always been more interested in WW2 history but this really opened my eyes to the massive scope of WW1, it's no wonder they call it The Great War.

    • Ian Dagmil
      Ian Dagmil 년 전 +41

      Fun fact…Hitler was supposed to die during the Great War, but since a British soldier hesitated to pull the trigger we got WW2

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    10:17 Winter 1914
    11:44 1915
    13:00 Total War
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    21:20 The Great Autumn Offence
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      LEFT4BASS 년 전 +45

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    He was quickly promoted to Sergeant for being a good soldier on the front after arriving in July of 1918 but then wrote home to a friend about the “miserable” conditions at the front and wrote a friend encouraging him to do anything he could to keep from being drafted. When the Army’s censors read that letter they didn’t like it and so Sergeant Gunter was demoted to Private.
    Gunter felt shamed by this and wanted to get his rank and honor back before the war ended. Gunter then charged a German road block that included a machine gun against orders of his close friend who was a Sergeant. The German soldiers manning the road block knew about the armistice and so shouted and Gunter urging him to turn back. Gunter fired a shot or two at the Germans who were then forced to return fire and kill him 1 minute before the armistice went into effect
    Just a sad story about a good soldier who was unfairly demoted just for speaking his mind.

    • Profesional Shitposter
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      theirs a short film about his final moments krclip.com/video/U10ON2aau3g/비디오.html skip to 7:26

      PORRIDGE GUN 년 전 +35

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    • John Brown
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