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Islam's 'Golden Age': Rise of the Abbasids

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  • 게시일 2023. 05. 09.
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    In the 8th century Middle East, a new dynasty seized control of one of the world’s greatest empires - the Islamic Caliphate. Though little remembered in the west today, the Abbasids reigned for five centuries. They oversaw an era of Islamic military dominance... city-building… brilliant scholarship, and technological innovation. It has come to be remembered as Islam’s ‘golden age’. This is the story of the Abbasid Caliphate.
    Thank you to our series historical consultant, Professor Antoine Borrut of the University of Maryland. Find out more about his research and publications here: history.umd.edu/directory/ant...
    Thank you also to KRclip channel Al Muqaddimah for additional help with research. Watch great history videos on Islamic history at: / @almuqaddimahyt
    📚 Some recommended reading provided by Prof. Borrut for those wishing to know about the Abbasids - (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
    📖 A recent & comprehensive overview of Abbasid Baghdad and Abbasid culture: Emily Selove, Baghdad at the Centre of a World, 8th-13th Century: An Introductory Textbook geni.us/azaQYjx
    📖 The funniest (and excellent) introduction to the topic (comic book): Emily Selove, Popeye and Curly: 120 Days in Medieval Baghdad geni.us/Zc21
    📖 The most accessible narrative on the Abbasid dynasty: Hugh Kennedy, When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World: The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greatest Dynasty geni.us/4rLuFJR
    📖 To move away from the aura of masculinity surrounding the period: Nadia Maria El Cheikh, Women, Islam, and Abbasid Identity geni.us/9Bau
    📖 An excellent biography of a major Abbasid caliph: Michael Cooperson, Al-Ma’mun geni.us/atCwQo
    📖 Many more excellent biographies in the same series, “Makers of the Muslim World”: www.simonandschuster.com/seri...
    📖 A thought-provoking discussion of the making of a discrete Muslim identity in pre-Abbasid times: Fred M. Donner, Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam geni.us/FKXa
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    Thanks also to our writer Darian Safiran, illustrator Marwan Musa, our historical consultant Professor Antoine Borrut (history.umd.edu/directory/antoine-borrut) and KRclip channel Al Muqaddimah for additional research help (www.youtube.com/@AlMuqaddimahYT) - a great place to watch many fascinating videos on Islamic history. Thanks most of all to our Patreon supporters for making this video possible! Join their illustrious ranks here www.patreon.com/EpicHistoryTV

    • daniel santiago urtado
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      As a Big history buff it's My pleasure to support You and the incredible work You do

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      That game got a massive upgrade. If I had my Stream I would get it. 😮

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      It’s really interesting, I just wish it was about an hour and a half rather than half an hour.

    • Muhammad
      Muhammad 4 개월 전 +3

      Assalamullakum im china muslim malaysia😅

    • chee chia johri
      chee chia johri 4 개월 전

      I absolutely loved it 🤓 TY Epic History for the hard work

  • Cody Gates
    Cody Gates 4 개월 전 +443

    As a teenage Christian I’ve actually been really into Roman history (and specifically the treatment of Christians and Jews in the empire) and I’ve actually started to expand more into Islamic history. It’s very interesting! Thanks for this video y’all. God bless ❤

    • Md. Walid Hasan
      Md. Walid Hasan 4 개월 전 +55

      Come to the truth, come to Islam

    • Nathan Peraza
      Nathan Peraza 4 개월 전 +53

      @Md. Walid Hasan nope

    • Vigilant of Stendarr
      Vigilant of Stendarr 4 개월 전 +38

      Muslim here, glad you're liking it.
      I'd recommend you to view everything without having any previous notion, think of yourself as a young kid with nothing in mind.
      You will learn way better and enjoy this more.

    • John
      John 4 개월 전

      Cool stuff

    • SnowyHanz
      SnowyHanz 4 개월 전 +22

      Haha same here i go to a catholic school and i never knew that islam was such a cool religion.

  • AbsoluteAmoeba
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    This channel is one the best history channels on KRclip - superb content that’s brilliant at education - the narrator is the icing on the cake to a brilliant show

    • Ibrahim Jamaawil
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      kings and generals all the way 🎉

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      @Ibrahim Jamaawil Trash voice boot, good videos

    • Mohamed shaaban
      Mohamed shaaban 4 개월 전 +3

      what similar channels would u guys recommend, i love ths style of animated history, but didn't quite like kings and generals, any recommendations?

    • Hiighway_Chile
      Hiighway_Chile 4 개월 전 +2

      ​@Mohamed shaabanhistory Marche easily...

  • Jean Lannes
    Jean Lannes 4 개월 전 +1178

    I love western history but this is a nice change from the normal, appreciate your work, Toby, Charles, and all!

    • Nicholas Leipzig
      Nicholas Leipzig 4 개월 전 +18

      How are you commenting 7 DAYS ago ?

    • Vitarius
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      Patreon supporter

    • CARnL
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      this is not western history though, this is Islam's history

    • JDW1994
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      Yeah I have nothing against napoleon but it is great when we see something like this that’s against the norm.

    • James Lee
      James Lee 4 개월 전 +46

      @CARnL which is why they said a nice change from the normal.

  • Patches4000
    Patches4000 4 개월 전 +237

    History teacher here. This is an era of history I’ll admit that I’m not too well versed in and recognized that it was about time I learned more. Really, truly appreciate that this channel is giving me a chance to deep dive into it. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • samakol Banbol
      samakol Banbol 4 개월 전 +1

      Almost if not all textbooks about middle ages or late antquity have a chapter or a fraction of a chapter about early Islam from its founding till around 900 or 1000 AD.. I've seen this in textbooks written in French and English from early 20th century to now

    • Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad
      Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad 3 개월 전 +2

      @Mahdy Al-Kaisy the Lady of heaven is the most unacurate film to ever exist

    • Mahdy Al-Kaisy
      Mahdy Al-Kaisy 3 개월 전 +1

      @Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad
      If you ask satan that is.

    • Skeptical Zostrianos
      Skeptical Zostrianos 3 개월 전 +1

      @samakol Banbol They only talk about muslims in the "crusades" chapter and just to say "oh and meanwhile in the 7th century there was this guy called Mohammed who started this new religion" and then jump right to the treatment of christians under the Seljukids (a turkish empire) to explain the call of the pope for crusades.
      and I am still generous to have granted them the mention of the Seljukids, because I remember in my history book they didn't even specify which empire misstreated christians, they just said "muslims misstreated christians and didn't allow them to do pilgrimage, so crusade to liberate Jerusalem".

  • Epic History TV
    Epic History TV  4 개월 전 +320

    Our historical advisor Prof. Antoine Borrut has provided a very good reading list for those seeking more information on this topic! Here is is:
    (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
    📖 A recent & comprehensive overview of Abbasid Baghdad and Abbasid culture: Emily Selove, Baghdad at the Centre of a World, 8th-13th Century: An Introductory Textbook geni.us/azaQYjx
    📖 The funniest (and excellent) introduction to the topic (comic book): Emily Selove, Popeye and Curly: 120 Days in Medieval Baghdad geni.us/Zc21
    📖 The most accessible narrative on the Abbasid dynasty: Hugh Kennedy, When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World: The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greatest Dynasty geni.us/4rLuFJR
    📖 To move away from the aura of masculinity surrounding the period: Nadia Maria El Cheikh, Women, Islam, and Abbasid Identity geni.us/9Bau
    📖 An excellent biography of a major Abbasid caliph: Michael Cooperson, Al-Ma’mun geni.us/atCwQo
    📖 Many more excellent biographies in the same series, “Makers of the Muslim World”: www.simonandschuster.com/seri...
    📖 A thought-provoking discussion of the making of a discrete Muslim identity in pre-Abbasid times: Fred M. Donner, Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam geni.us/FKXa

    • daniel santiago urtado
      daniel santiago urtado 4 개월 전 +5

      Thanks For all of this! Gonna keep them in mind!

    • Steven O' Reilly
      Steven O' Reilly 4 개월 전 +1

      Thanks very much. I've often wondered how to learn more about the topics you discuss. A recommended reading list is a great idea!

    • When you realize
      When you realize 4 개월 전

      How was This written 7 days ago when the video came out 4 hours ago

    • M O
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      ​@When you realizeBecause he has a channel for new videos for his patrons, i.e. early access, and it actually came out two weeks ago, hope this helps.

    • Leo Kir
      Leo Kir 4 개월 전

      Firstly, thanks a lot for the hard work in creating these videos. They never fail to entertain and educate me. But I couldn't help but notice that the depictions of Muslims in the drawings were unsettling. The verbal portrayal of Muslims in this video was balanced and accurate (as far as my knowledge goes), but the art and background music in the videos portrayed a lot of the Muslims and leaders as angry, in the dark, and even devilish. This portrayal contradicts the positive qualities that have been historically attributed to Muslims, in stories non-Muslim historians (the script of this video, for example) and paintings and drawings by non-Muslim artists in the past.

  • Ahmed Fathy
    Ahmed Fathy 4 개월 전 +424

    I really appreciate you taking the effort to ensure Arabic characters are written properly from right to left and connected together. Many video editing softwares don't support the Arabic script and the letters are written from left to right and disconnected, and this requires some tweaking to get it right, so thanks for paying attention to that.
    Charles Nove is excellent as always, but I'm quite surprised how good he pronounced most of the Arabic letters here.
    Waiting patiently for your next work!

  • AmNotHere911
    AmNotHere911 4 개월 전 +118

    Two things: 1) The original Dune story is partly based on the Abbasid revolt. 2) Anyone interested in the Greco-Arabic translation movement that occurred under the Abbasids should read Dimitri Gutas' excellent book called "Greek Thought, Arabic Culture: The Graeco-Arabic translation movement in Baghdad and Early Abbasid society". 3) The word 'algorithm' is derived from the name of the brilliant Abbasid mathematician who also played a role in the creation of 'algebra' (in Arabic literally 'letters').
    Fun fact about the Abbasid era: It was one of the few societies in the pre-modern world where one could actually make a living by being an author.

    • China Virus
      China Virus 2 개월 전 +3

      So Hollywood couldn’t come up with anything original 😢

  • Mar antonio Cacalda
    Mar antonio Cacalda 4 개월 전 +124

    I have always wanted your channel to cover Islamic Histories with your style of narration. Seeing the day you announced that you would be taking a detour from the ongoing Napoleonic series, I was elated that the video substituting the slot would be finally a topic on the caliphates! This one was so well-done, I kept hitting the like button so many times. I wish I had the means to donate to your patreon, maybe in the future but I will be supporting this channel all the way!

  • Wadi Sindh Da
    Wadi Sindh Da 4 개월 전 +119

    Really appreciate shedding light on non-Western history, feels like it significantly lacks attention despite being so vibrant and fascinating.

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai 4 개월 전 +141

    It feels like I’ve spent 23 minutes in an eastern fairy tale. Thanks for this videos, they help us to feel the magnificence of the great foreign cultures of the past

    • Spider Knight
      Spider Knight 4 개월 전

      An eastern fairy tale? Racist much?

    • Azor Ahai
      Azor Ahai 4 개월 전 +20

      @Spider Knight Wut?

    • William Robert
      William Robert 4 개월 전 +13

      @Spider Knight Dude he is complimenting it

    • Spider Knight
      Spider Knight 4 개월 전 +3

      @Azor Ahai the idea that the east is some fairytale land and not just as brutal as the rest of the world is incredibly racist. The arabs aren’t some enlightened mystical people. They stole or copied literally everything of note from the Roman’s and the Persians. To present them as some “fairytale” is completely disingenuous.

    • Azor Ahai
      Azor Ahai 4 개월 전 +33

      @Spider Knight u need some therapy, man

  • Mujtaba Rashid
    Mujtaba Rashid 4 개월 전 +26

    Its actually crazy how forgotten Islamic history is in the west. It was such big influence on world history.

    • Nash
      Nash 4 개월 전 +2

      Totally and the world continues to pay for it dearly till this day

    • Enlightened
      Enlightened 3 일 전

      True. Islam preserved western civilization

  • Joseph Thorp
    Joseph Thorp 4 개월 전 +132

    I've always found that Islamic history (and Eastern history in general tbh) is rarely mentioned, let alone properly discussed and taught unless you really try to look for it. I'm very glad you decided to cover what is an interesting and integral part of human history and achievement with your usual brilliant production quality and effort. Well done and can't wait for part 2!

    • CHR15B01
      CHR15B01 4 개월 전 +48

      I hate how western history dominates the general discussions. Not because I don't like western history, but because it is just one fraction of the complicated story of humanity. Rarely is it talked about how the Persians basically invented human rights, or how the Arab Caliphates were once the most technologically advanced civilizations on the planet. All this fascinating history is tossed aside, and I can't stand that. History is a story of people, and all people deserve for their stories to be told.

    • Joseph Thorp
      Joseph Thorp 4 개월 전 +7

      ​@CHR15B01 Couldn't have said it better. At least in the online community, we seem to be getting a lot better at covering history from all parts of the world, I remember a time when it was still very Western-dominated, but it's become a lot more nuanced and with broad coverage now, and as well I feel people are starting to view a lot of major historical events with more of an impartial and objective lens more often instead of a biased black and white one if that makes sense.

    • CHR15B01
      CHR15B01 4 개월 전 +10

      @Joseph Thorp Exactly. Unfortunately that history bias is still somewhat prevalent, I see it a lot in Roman Empire circles. I just saw someone completely disregard the entire history of Persia/Iran because, "They tried to conquer Rome.". As if the Romans were better. In fact, I would say that they were worse, but that's just my opinion. But that's where the problem lies. People have been raised learning about how cool the Greeks and Romans were, so how could they be anything other than paragons of virtue? Like you said, I'm glad that the internet has helped correct a lot of people's misperceptions of history, but there are still unfortunately stubborn people out there.

    • Joseph Thorp
      Joseph Thorp 4 개월 전 +2

      @CHR15B01 Aye, there's still a long way to go and there will always be ignorant and stubborn people out there, but at least we're seeing very tangible progress and that's the best us scholars and history buffs can hope for

    • Julian Kraus
      Julian Kraus 4 개월 전 +3

      ​@CHR15B01"Persia" didn't invent human rights. It you are talking about the Cyrus's Cylinder from the Achaemenid period, there is still much obscurity and debate about its exact nature. But moreover, regardless of the nature of its concessions to minorities like the Jews, it shares to connection to the establishment of modern civil rights.

  • Connor Hilchie
    Connor Hilchie 4 개월 전 +45

    As a Canadian who loves watching history videos about the other end of the world, this channel is godsend. Please keep up the good work sir, from Nova Scotia

    • SolarChams
      SolarChams 4 개월 전

      Do you relate to some history before the 16th century?

    • Mubarak Ghani
      Mubarak Ghani 2 개월 전

      Islam yet to achieve the great period

  • Mateusz Kaczorowski
    Mateusz Kaczorowski 4 개월 전 +61

    I have around 41 history channels on my subscribed list and you guys are on top of it !
    Thank you for your work for every minute you have spent making this video !

    • Old School Gaming
      Old School Gaming 4 개월 전

      Do you mind sharing your top 5? I'm curious to watch some other channels

    • Row Claw
      Row Claw 4 개월 전

      @Old School Gamingthis

    • mohamad alshabani
      mohamad alshabani 4 개월 전

      Share them with us

    • Goat Tier
      Goat Tier 4 개월 전

      Yes pls

    • Mateusz Kaczorowski
      Mateusz Kaczorowski 4 개월 전 +5

      @Old School Gaming
      History Marche
      Kings and Generals
      Tasting Hitory
      Ancient Sight
      The Great War

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 개월 전 +721

    I don't understand why people are angry to learn about one of the greatest empires in human history.

    • J M
      J M 4 개월 전 +100

      Who is angry ?
      I only see comments of thanks !

    • WORLD4
      WORLD4 4 개월 전 +2

      @PoliceBeUponHim(PBUH) so what !

    • PolemicVibez
      PolemicVibez 4 개월 전 +95

      @J M the triggered/condescending comments are at the very bottom. There aren't too many though, however, they were among the first to comment and probably didn't even watch the doco. They were more obvious and I think the worst have also been removed

    • CuzImMOODY
      CuzImMOODY 4 개월 전 +1

      @PoliceBeUponHim(PBUH) so ?

      THE UK'S MOST WANTED 4 개월 전 +1

      ​@PoliceBeUponHim(PBUH) and what fool

  • DocuAddict
    DocuAddict 4 개월 전 +37

    You guys never fail to entertain and educate. Glad you're still around. Many thanks from a long time enjoyer.

  • Lay Lobinson
    Lay Lobinson 4 개월 전 +15

    One of THE most EPIC Narrators.
    I could listen to this guy tell stories for decades!
    The video and editing quality is just a huge bonus.

  • Kristian Hansen
    Kristian Hansen 4 개월 전 +39

    Absolute fantastic video! I always relax and fall into the world of history when i watch your videos.

  • MultipolarWorldEmerging
    MultipolarWorldEmerging 4 개월 전 +101

    Fun fact the “queen” chess piece was originally the “vizier” but Europeans changed it and gendered it which makes no sense. In the original version it makes so much more sense. The vizier does all the real work and the king is more symbolic

    • _That One Person_
      _That One Person_ 개월 전 +10

      That is really interesting actually, you’re making me want to read more about that. Thanks for the informative comment

    • Alex Cisneros
      Alex Cisneros 개월 전 +10

      Wow. The power behind the throne. The hand of the king. Genius.

    • byakuya_kuchki
      byakuya_kuchki 개월 전 +4

      it for many cases depended a lot in ottoman rule since the reign of Sulieman the magnificent his queen hold great power of her own so much so to had major role in assassination of the crown price even after her there were many like her!! for eg kosem sultan!! they were examples of strong queens!! in europe the title and position of empress/queen or equivalent came with its own powers!! maybe thats why!!

    • Bravo Gaming 141
      Bravo Gaming 141 개월 전 +3

      ​​@byakuya_kuchkiI'm turkish, the decentend of Ottoman Empire: we still call it vezir "vizier" in chess instead of Queen. So no... West actually genderalised that because they had no such thing called vizier.

    • byakuya_kuchki
      byakuya_kuchki 개월 전

      @Bravo Gaming 141 idk man i am biology major i just like history a bits not really a scholar lol... hahaha

  • bob bobby
    bob bobby 4 개월 전 +69

    I’m loving your new series amazing work hope you continue this and branch out to more countries and cultures history 👍

  • Muhammad Abdulwahab
    Muhammad Abdulwahab 2 개월 전 +9

    Thank you for creating such engaging historical content. Please keep it up and consider doing a video on one of the greatest commanders ever, Khalid ibn al-Walid.

  • WazKangz
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    Epic History TV is raising their game in the music. So many good and EPIC moments that enhanced the history.

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    You guys are above the board as one of my favorite history channels. Thank you for this lovely video.

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    Superb as always. The quality of your content is second to none. You guys deserve a Netflix deal.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 4 개월 전 +75

    I've always been fascinated by this Era of history and the Muslim conquests but it's not taught often in Canada. Cheers for the content

    • Asad ZeeThree
      Asad ZeeThree 3 개월 전 +13

      You're okay Patrick!👍🌟💯 Maybe one day you'll find out why the Western governments don't like educating society about Islamic history, other than reminding them of 9/11

    • Al-Ghazi
      Al-Ghazi 3 개월 전 +5

      @Asad ZeeThree but you know what, let them live in their denial and failed societies, we couldn’t care less

    • Road-eo
      Road-eo 3 개월 전 +3

      ​@Al-Ghazi Your nations are outdated and medieval, it will perish - buried by the sands. But even so, I am absolutely fascinated how some Arab states are both zealous and decadent.

    • Al-Ghazi
      Al-Ghazi 3 개월 전 +5

      @Road-eo blah blah blah my nation can buy yours 😂

  • D J
    D J 4 개월 전 +46

    It's always a treat to see a new Epic History TV video in my subscription feed.

  • Moon Hyuk Kang
    Moon Hyuk Kang 4 개월 전 +52

    the story of the loss of the over half of the territory of the eastern roman empire is really tragic. The region was overrrun by the persians, and emperor Heraclius, after almost 30 years of war, finally managed to recover it and defeat the sassanids. And just then, the arabs launched their conquests and ripped the entire east off the empire. It is often said that if Heraclius died right after he defeated the persians, he would have been remembered as the greatest emperor to ever have ruled Rome.

    • علي ياسر
      علي ياسر 4 개월 전 +15

      Hercules won only because of his betrayal of the son of the Persian king and his cooperation with Hercules and because God wanted to help the sons of Ishmael

    • 1 Sultan 1
      1 Sultan 1 4 개월 전 +19

      We’ll Arabs at the same time had previously conquered Arabia and then lost it completely safe for the Hejaz region after Prophet Muhammad pbuh death and then had to reconquer it again during the ridda wars.

    • pickle
      pickle 4 개월 전 +1

      Everything will end the romans are gone and so the rashiddun arabs

    • علي ياسر
      علي ياسر 4 개월 전 +3

      @pickle Why are they the descendants of Abraham? They are blessed people

  • Frederick II Prussia
    Frederick II Prussia 4 개월 전 +66

    I'm no muslim, nor big on Islamic history (outside former Roman theater's of war) but this ONE video triumphs an ENTIRE 5 years of world history from middle school to high school on this topic
    Absolutely magnificent work all of you did, especially l, as always, the video editors

  • Squealing Bagpipes
    Squealing Bagpipes 4 개월 전 +3

    EHT, you never fail to impress me, the sheer amount of quality in your videos is incredible

  • Sahar
    Sahar 4 개월 전 +28

    Words can't express how happy I am to see a video made by one of the biggest and best history channels on the "Islamic Golden Age". A period often not talked about in the West and even in the East. One of the most important ages in the history of mankind which brought countless developments in science, literature, philosophy, etc. I hope this encourages more people to look into just how influential the Islamic Golden Age really was. Heck, it's thank to this age that I later got to study on golden ages of other places like India, China, etc and how every single one of them linked together.

  • Yasin Tamer
    Yasin Tamer 4 개월 전 +25

    Waiting for another series like Russia and Napoleon, those still have tremendous re-watching value...
    A series on Caliphates or another prolonged one will be much appreciated 🤝🏻
    Also waiting for more supplementary videos like Decemberists
    Tremendous work as usual 🤝🏻

  • Mama's Boy
    Mama's Boy 4 개월 전 +38

    Great video! The mention of the Mongols get me excited though. You guys should totally make videos of the Mongol conquests!

    • scorpion908
      scorpion908 4 개월 전 +5

      I'm agree with you

    • ffarkasm
      ffarkasm 4 개월 전 +2

      Spoiler: The Mongols died in a tornado.

  • Jackaljkljkl
    Jackaljkljkl 4 개월 전 +61

    With Kings & Generals having done very thorough work on the Rashidun expansion and History Marche recently covering some of the Umayyad expansion, this will mean we have much of the first three caliphates covered by three very solid channels.

    • Resentfuldragon
      Resentfuldragon 4 개월 전 +4

      Kings and generals also has a series slowly detailing the history of the ottoman empire from the beginning, so that means the 4 accepted caliphates should be generally covered.
      Of course there was the fatimids which most don't count, and a few random nations (i.e almohads, sokoto, etc.) that claimed the title but never held the holy cities, but overall the main 4 are the real meat and potatoes of caliphate history.

    • Jackaljkljkl
      Jackaljkljkl 4 개월 전 +1

      @Resentfuldragon Are K&G doing the Seljuks too?
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    Abdul Muttalib was the grandfather of the prophet and the one who raised him from the age of 6 until his death two years later.

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      Now secondly the legitimate Islamic ruling on jizya was a tax on Dhimmys “non Muslim peoples” and during the time of the rightly guided caliphs abubakr all the way to Ali was calculated to be equivalent of 10 dinars which was often much less than what was taxed from the Muslim population.


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    8:57: 💥 The Umayyad dynasty is defeated and their morale is broken, leading to the establishment of the Abbasid dynasty in power.
    13:38: 💡 Al-Khayzuran, a former Yemeni slave, rose from concubine to wife of the caliph and wielded significant power during the reign of her husband and son. The reign of al-Rashid was supported by an efficient government and administration, heavily influenced by the Sassanids and utilizing Persian and Central Asian bureaucrats. The Barmakid family played a crucial role in the Abbasid government but fell out of favor and lost control of the vizir position. The court of al-Rashid gained fame and attracted ambassadors from Charlemagne. The Abbasid caliphate thrived as a center of culture, science, arts, and medicine, with the famous House of Wisdom serving as a hub of learning and translation.
    17:50: 📚 The Abbasid caliphate was a period of prosperity, stability, and intellectual and cultural achievement in the Muslim world.
    22:14: 📚 The second part of the Islamic Golden Age describes the calamity of a new civil war, the rise of a new caste of slave soldiers, and the devastating assault of the Mongols.
    Recap by Tammy AI with useful time stamps =)

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    I always heard story's like this and was fascinated about it but to actually find out that my ancestors did this was crazy, you can also check the authenticity of my information by simply searching my family name (الزغول) (Zghoul)

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